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Friday, February 10, 2006


10th February 2006

Was researching stuff on Laila Khan Rajpal, actor Feroz Khan's acclaimed artist daughter. She's visiting Singapore for an exhibition at the high end designer store Mumbai Se and came across this really interesting piece by India's prolific master writer Khushwant Singh.

As always it was tongue in cheek and summed it all up. The piece appeared in The Tribune way back in 2001, but the message still holds.
I'll highly recommend reading it in totality here.

If you are way too lazy to do that, then here are some key points in the piece....
- How unreliable best seller lists, book reviewers and even book sellers are when it comes to helping readers pick the right books.
- Why the rich who have it all - including the finest scotch and wine, do little better than a copy of Reader's Digest in their homes.

And just why is it that the rich who are the most likely to afford the books are the least likely to enjoy it, here is Khushwant Singh's take:
"To enjoy a book, a person has to have peace of mind. And that the rich do not have."

Beyond books, he of course, talks about the stunning Laila Khan Rajpal, who despite being born into Bollywood's famous Khan family, has made it on her own, with the brush strokes intact.

If you do happen to be in our sunny shores, you can always catch the exhibition at Mumbai Se on Saturday, the 18th of Feb. It runs through till the 26th of Feb.

Whether you'll be able to get one of her art works to adorn your walls is quite another story though. Her stuff's known to sell out in like 24 hours.