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Friday, November 03, 2006


These days I'm in a very author like state of mind. You know how they say, they were always in this place, but living in imagined lands. Only mine happen to be a little real. When I'm not yanking myself off the bed at the unearthly 2am, or reversing my car into those damn parking poles or mounting kerbs in a desperate attempt to make scary S turns, I'm lugging stuff from one home to the next.

So you get the picture. Between work, moving house, there's also a hopelessly helpless bid to clear that driving code - yes, in our sunny shores, it is in fact seemingly harder to than the Da Vinci. I was the star of Ahmedabad's (in)hospitable roads for close to four years. In fact, the only serious injury to life and limb was when a donkey strayed into my path and knocked me and my scooter out of order. There was no method in the madness to the roads in Gujarat's commercial capital, but we all lived to tell a tale.

Getting back to the roads here - the minute I find myself behind the wheel, my hands go all clammy, my heart skips more than its requisite number of beats, I drive so slowly that my instructor feels it might be faster if he walked during my lessons. But in the process, I am learning a couple of lessons in being a 'defensive driver' - the only way to clear the test, some veterans tell me.

Some days I do well, others I have all the warning signs of a potential nervous wreck. Will I make the cut? Monday is the D-Day on the driving front. today is D-Day for moving home. Hopefully sanity, sleep and blogging will resume after that. Happy weekend all.