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Sunday, February 18, 2007


Roopinder Singh, Author, Journalist now shutterbug extraordinaire, pointed me to this fantastic website aptly titled Sikh Chic. It's featured some of his writing and photographs (including this one), so do drop by to take a look.

Smart layout, easy navigation, great articles and best of all a celebration of films for, about and by Sikhs. The Spinning Wheel Film Festival is an examination of Sikh lives through a wide genre of films - shorts, docus, indies, narratives - the works. If you have something that fits the bill, you know where to go.

A fine start indeed but if one could ask for more, I'd like Sikh Chic to track the lives of Sikh war heroes across the globe. That would be some journey, some remembrance and a reminder of some names we may have forgotten.

I say this because I have a vested interest - my Nanaji, Brigadier Sampuran Singh was a war hero. Though beyond the mention at the College of Combat, a brief write-up on a book on war heroes, I often wonder how many soldiers - sung and unsung - who are truly worthy of emulation are remembered today.

Tracking their lives is an idea I've pitched several times to several people but beyond the occasional nod, haanji's, bilkul, I haven't heard more about it. Perhaps, Sikh Chic is where I should head.

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