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Thursday, October 15, 2009


At a panel discussion, the affable Kiwi author Lloyd Jones (of Mister Pip fame) shared this:
"After one of my book readings, a lady walked up to me and said: 'You are so normal'."

That's not half as bad as another reader's remark at a session I did with Vikram Seth at the Galle Literary Festival.
"I am so disappointed, you are such a small man," she said in front of a packed crowd.

Closer home, chitter chatter took a new twist when a lady walked up to me and said:
"You look a lot taller in your byline photo."
Not quite lost for words yet, I responded: "How is that possible, when all you see is my face cut in a size smaller than the lowest priced postage stamp?"
"Oh, I mean you look more statesque in your byline shot."
"I mean you look a lot better in your picture."