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Sunday, January 22, 2006


By Tatjana Schantz Johnsson
Words by Marion-Bravo Bhasin
Photography by Alan Lee and Edward Hendricks
Pages : 138
Published : 2006 by Marshall Cavendish Editions

Review by Deepika Shetty

If you are a coffee table traveller and like to journey through cultures without having to leave the comfort of your home, then this would be just the book for you.

Drawing from 20 celebrations from around the world, 'The Global Table' offers contemporary, original and creative ideas for your celebratory table.
Each celebration is presented with interesting facts on its history and traditions. And just in case you are thinking, that these pictures would be impossible to recreate, the stylist and the author tell you how small touches can yield big results.

Inspiration can come from the bright oranges that mark the Lunar New Year, the flowers and candles that are customary during the Indian Festival of Lights - Diwali or the fabulous yellows and greens that mark Hari Raya. All of these happen to be traditional festivals but they get a refreshingly modern twist in 'The Global Table.'

Things don't quite begin and end at the festivals. For parents who are annually strapped for ideas about ways to organise the next children's birthday party, the spectacular riot of colours will definitely give you some welcome ideas. The amazing setting is just the stuff that would make the little ones want to party on forever. It certainly has given me some ideas for my next little bash.

For children, who want to make their parents days special, just flip to 'Your Southern Belle - Mother's Day' on page 62. And for those of you who want to spark, rekindle or ignite some romance in your life look no further than 'Island Love' which unravels a whole lot of ideas to mark Valentine's Day.

My favourite section in the book though is the 'Mediterranean Miracle'. The spectacular blue chairs, the absolutely stunning candle-stand, the blue and white inspiration makes these stylish settings seem as simple and fresh as the Mediterranean breeze.

Visually stunning, this book as the jacket says with confidence is bound to unleash your creative streak. Something that's bound to make your parties and celebrations a talking point long after they are over.