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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Don't tell me you weren't warned!

I am so thrilled with myself, did manage to post the pictures after all. Coming from a tech nincompoop it does mean a lot. Ubud was one of the high points for me in 2005, as I am sure, it was for lots of other folks as well. Here are some moments, re-lived as they can only be through pictures. There is Booker Prize winning author Michael Ondaatje (a dream to moderate), noted Indian author Amitav Ghosh, Linda Spalding, the one and only Janet de Neefe - the one who dreamt of the Ubud Writers Festival and made it happen and of course, yours truly.

I am sure, you have already read about the festival (how could you not?). Well, if it slipped your radar screens, here's the link again, no more excuses:

It's also online on Zafar's fabulous site:

Visit it even if you don't want to read my piece, its a great way to track all things literary, particularly Asian writer.
Happy viewing and reading!