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Friday, May 26, 2006


If you have been wondering:
- Why your boss is hugely overpaid and you can't share their pain when they get a pay cut?

- Why some people are doomed losers in the property market?
(that's us by the way - we are still answering that burning question - How does one lose money on property? For 30 easy tips or more, Bala and I are just an email away!)

- Why is it that the rich nations get richer, the poor, what else but poorer?

- What is it that the Supermarkets don't want you to know?

- Most significantly, why does your cappuccino cost the horrendous amount that it does?

- How China grew rich?
Then this is just the book for you.

If not, then look for other ways to spend your weekend. I read it in one sitting and entirely agreed with Steven D Levitt's bold endorsement "Required Reading."

If the author of Freakonomics says that, who am I to disagree?