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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Been meaning to write about this since the time I saw this - which of course happens to be many moons ago.

I know a lot of folks would want to make it their personal mission to strangle me, especially some of those who watched the show with us. I actually enjoyed parts of this mindless drivel.

Reason being post Rang de Basanti, I had already lowered the bar for Aamir Khan, expected a sort of lame ending, the talented actor being reduced to what he is allowing film makers to reduce him to. The Indian Armed Forces being shown in the sad light that they were. Didn't the Generals actually watch this stuff? What about our intelligence forces who are supposedly better than the CIA, KGB, James Bond, XXX and whatever have you? In the face of a disaster, they calmly say they'll show up a day later, 'but please stay calm.'

I've got to stop the analysis, I promised myself so. Kajol is back. First slim (in the first half), then fat, all that with her starry charm intact. Hopefully, her comeback will give tired cine viewers a break from the likes of Ms Zinta. Kajol, as expected, is a delight to watch. So is the superbly maintained Lillete Dubey.

If for nothing else watch it for them or for Poland passing off as Kashmir and for the dependable Rahul Dravid in his new avataar as somebody's Papa or for talk of a referendum in Kashmir. Or if you happen to be in South-East Asia and places happen to be a draw for you - the KL International Airport is there!
- if places

Yes, Fanaa, has its moments. Pity they are far and few between.