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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Yes, the updates will be up soon, as will the pictures. Here are a couple of quick thoughts.

We couldn't have chosen a more opportune moment to visit the famed 'Land of Smiles'. It was a special occasion, a sea of yellow, greeted us. Bangkok with its line of flowers, people dressed in yellow, the fireworks, the palace - all of that made it a sight to behold.

We landed right in the middle of celebrations marking King Bhumibol Adulyadej's 60th anniversary of the ascension to the throne.

He is the longest reigning monarch in Thai history and the celebrations were being rolled out on scale, that I haven't seen before.

For the past six decades, King Bhumibol, has been revered. And you could feel that in almost every street corner of Bangkok that we visited.

Thais will tell you about his innovative projects that have touched the lives of thousands of rural poor. There are over 3,000 Royal projects that focus on schooling, water conservation, drug rehabilitation, health care and agriculture. A Foundation set up by the King has also helped at times of natural disasters including the deadly tsunami that wrecked havoc on Asian shores.

Truly, the King's efforts have touched the lives of so many who simply feel 'blessed to born' at this time.

For us it was truly an honour to have been a witness to that significant part of Thai history, even though we got to watch some of that truly stunning light up on our train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.