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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


And why am I even reading Times Now - not my usual web fare.

That'z coz my wake-me-upper-fill-me-with-gossip-choke-with-disbelief - the one and only Mumbai's Mid-day has decided to bring print on the web!

Can't really tell you what it looked like earlier, coz the latest link only leads to this....

Ouch! it hurts.

Hopefully, soon enough, some marketing whiz somewhere will tell us how little it takes to kill a perfectly readable website. One that brought alive all the moving and shaking news of Bollywood.

The new searches are like trips to nowhere - one insipid format leading to another. I am so missing reading about which starlet confused the star with the stripes, who refused to pay the backstage dancers, which rocking star is a walking fashion disaster....the list goes on.

The hunt for another Mid-day is well and truly on. Should you have suggestions do mail me -