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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


There was a time when every book I touched came with a blue cover. I remember that distinctly because every blue cover would fade into the blue virtual wall on the set.

I recall speaking to both Sadie Jane (of Pansing) and Zhi Wei (of Penguin) - both superb publicists in their own right - about the season of covers. Do all designers opt for blues or pinks or purples or browns in any given season? Is there a shared space when it comes to covers and their colours?

I'm not entirely sure about the designers but I can tell you that colours are definitely steering my reading of late. Everything I seem to be touching is off white, cream or beige. Thought that would change the minute I was done with Rageh Omaar's, Revolution Day but the addition of John Zubrzycki's The Last Nizam to our collection means beige is here to stay.

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