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Thursday, April 19, 2007


My Marrakesh is a blog that makes you want to pack your bags and rush out of that door to get on to a flight to Morocco.

It is here that I first spotted this awesome kurti/Moroccon inspired tunic created by none other than Tory Burch.

Considering Oprah wore one of her creations, the prices are expectedly for the well-heeled. That's not stopped me from gazing at the cuts and doing the rounds of all the kurti stores for that Burch lookalike. Expectedly, there's been no luck so far. Guess, I'll have to continue my search if and when I do get to India.

I've been in love with kurtis since the day they were created. Whoever was the brains behind it - my humble salaam. I love them because you can carry them off with anything - skirts, jeans, even a salwar. They have the right blend of casual and formal, you can ditch the jacket and still carry them off at a meeting. They are perfect for the tropics. Add on a shawl to survive the air-conditioning and you've got a style statement all your own. In places where uniform T-shirts do the talking, don your kurti and you are bound to stand out.

Not entirely convinced, then head back to Burch to be inspired. You can take your pick from the formal to the informal, from summery weaves to evening wear. Perfect for every season and every occasion, there's never been a better occasion for some creative conversion.

Check out more dishy designs on Lotus Reads other blog and get ready to go shopping.

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