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Friday, April 13, 2007


He was last here in the April of 2005. If there was a summer in Singapore, you could call it the summer of '05. He rocked the house, even though the venue could have been better - for his foot tapping numbers that is. Perched precariously on those seats at Suntec, dancing was the last thing on my mind. But, such was the energy he exuded that people were willing to take their chances. It was his signature tunes from Veer Zara, Kal Ho Na Ho and Dil Chahta Hai that got them going.

Two years on, Sonu has grown as has his repertoire of music and he is all set to bring the house down at the Esplanade on Sunday, the 29th of April. The fun begins at 7:30pm.

I'd really enjoyed meeting Sonu. In fact, he was one of those rare stars who followed up our meeting with a thank you note. That makes him all the more special as a person. As a performer, he is great. The only thing he needs to watch out for are his 'surprise numbers'. I'm sure you'll remember them as his Dad and his sister. People are paying for you Sonu, so just make it your show, please.

Also heading back to town are Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy. Weren't they just here? Oh, well who am I to complain when the sponsors are lining up. They make great music, no two ways about that. They do get the crowd on their toes and have had to heed to a couple of warnings from the venue folks as well. "No dancing on stage," we'd heard that message from the mike when some pretty young things had to be told to return to their seats. Mercifully, the number was over by then.

If you've had enough of Breathless, then there's KANK, DON and Salaam-e-Ishq to put you in the groove.

They'll also be at the Esplanade, on Monday, the 7th of May at 7:30pm.

So those of you who missed the fun at Genting, you know where to line up for your tickets.

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