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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


It takes guts to don a swim suit and face the cameras. Yes, those unforgiving cameras that add inches not cms to your frame. It's a job for the brave-hearted or for super-models with those endless legs, flat stomachs, sunken cheeks and all.

Ex-supermodel, actress, talk show host Tyra Banks has been that. She's walked that ramp, she's made millions out of her killer figure and yes, she has been thin.

Now she is 33, eats normally, doesn't suffer from low self-esteem, "otherwise I would have been starving." She believes in living her life and standing up for herself and other normal women around the world.

For years, we've been flooded with pictures of reed thin models - the stories are out there - size 0 has made it to shelves around the world. As the pursuit for infinite litheness continues, models have starved themselves to death.

Banks puts all of that in perspective and how.....

Dismissed as 'America's Top Waddle' she picked on each headline on her talkshow by donning the swimsuit that made it to the covers. With one charged blow after the other, she promised hope to millions around the world. She circled her tyres, her cellulite and proved that nobody is made perfect.

True, she is heavier but as the screen flashed yet another picture, she told the world "this is not ugly."

I, with my tyres, cellulite, stretch marks and all whole-heartedly agree.

Here's to you Tyra....

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