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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


When you spend so much time training your eye on the lens, you often forget about yourself. When you head back that's when it hits you that you've got pictures of the dog, cat, sun, moon, stars and practically nothing to remember your fine moments by. That's when festival directors like the turbo charged Jeni Caffin dig deep to pull out shots like these. The shots are courtesy Rosie Lee, who I'm pretty certain spent a lot more time behind the camera than I did.

On the opening night with Nury Vittachi, Irina Dunn and Elizabeth Fallon:

With Lynda Dean:

Keep an eye on her. The enormously talented Jane Camens is soon to announce details of the Asia-Pacific New Writing Partnership. She's had me all ears and abuzz with excitement:

Making sense of the media circus with Elizabeth Best, James Phelan and Nury Vittachi. Actor and Author Barbara Ewing was there as well, just happens to be missing in this shot.

I'm put in a plastic chair to ensure I'm not just a piece of furniture in the discussion on the art of chairing a panel.

Does this spell the end?

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