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Monday, November 19, 2007


It is the dhak-dhak girl's comeback film. It will soon be a whistling tune - if it hasn't become one already in India. It is also backed by Kailash Kher's powerful vocals. Aaja Nachle may only be releasing on November 30th, but you've got yet another chance to air your dancing shoes way before that. Will get to that, in just a bit.

Before that, the little backgrounder, as we like to say. I first saw him at the A R Rahman concert a couple of years ago. When he first walked up on stage, people only had ears for Rahman. Then he held the mike, restored order in a minute and soon had the crowd dancing to his tunes.

Post show, there was plenty of talk of that "little dynamo." While I'd heard his music, watching him perform was a totally different experience. Since then I've lobbied (mildly), urging various event organisers to bring Kailash back for a solo concert.

And I'm pleased to report (no, I don't have anything to with it, please forward all congratulatory notes to Shweta of Teamworks) that Kailash Kher will be performing in Singapore:
On Saturday, 24th November
As part of the Kalaa Utsavam

All the fun is at The Esplanade

His has been the proverbial rags to riches story . He's gone from living on a railway station in Mumbai to belting out some memorable numbers. Even critics who once dismissed his "high pitched voice" have embraced him. While not all the movies he's lent his vocals to have been box office successes, his numbers have survived the test.

And post Khosla ka Ghosla, I've not been able to get Chak de Phatte out of my head. Pretty certain, post concert it will be ringing louder than ever before.

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