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Monday, February 20, 2006


Just when you thought only the Indian babu-dom could specialise in stuff like this, wait till you see the restriction surrounding the Winter Olympics coverage.

Considering the enourmous excitement in the rest of the world that possibly revolves around sports like Bobsleigh, Curling and Alpine Skiing - among a host of several other enjoyable cold sports, is it any wonder that some achievements aren't making headlines.

Take a look at some of the restrictions. Nine points with sub-points in all, here are some of the simpler ones:

- Olympic Material may be used only as a part of regularly scheduled daily news programmes of which the actual news element constitutes the main feature Programmes"). Programmes shall not be positioned or promoted as Olympic programmes.

- Subject to the exception for all-news networks as outlined below, Olympic Material may appear in no more than three Programmes per day.

- The amount of Olympic Material used in any one Programme shall not exceed a total of two minutes. The duration of any Olympic Material contained in a Programme shall not exceed one third of the duration of the particular Olympic event being reported on and, in any event, shall not exceed thirty (30) seconds of each such particular event being reported on.

- Subject to Paragraph 6 below, Programmes in which Olympic Material appears must be
separated by at least three hours. However, if a broadcaster telecasts multiple hard news Programmes from 16:00 hours to 19:30 hours local time ("hard news" means Programmes focusing primarily on multiple, local, regional, national or international current events), it may broadcast reports utilizing excerpts of Olympic Material during one locally-oriented hard news Programme and also during one
network hard news Programme during this time period, so long as the combined broadcast time of Olympic Material shown in both Programmes does not exceed a total of two minutes. In the case of an all-news network, it may utilize Olympic Material during multiple news broadcasts, as long as the combined time of Olympic Material shown does not exceed a total of six minutes per day and does not exceed a total of two minutes in any one Programme.

- Non-Rights Holders may broadcast Olympic Material in accordance with the other
conditions contained in these News Access Rules, as follows:
(i) upon the conclusion of the day (i.e. 24:00 hours)in which the Olympic event has been broadcast by the Rights Holder in the specific territory provided that there shall be an interval of at least fifteen (15) hours between the conclusion of the Olympic event and the news broadcast of such Olympic event by the non-Rights Holder;
(ii) upon the conclusion of the day (i.e. 24:00 hours)immediately following the day in which the Olympic event concludes, if the Olympic event was not broadcast by the Rights Holder in the specific territory on the day which the Olympic event concluded; or
(iii) at such time as may be agreed by the Rights Holder for its particular territory and that particular Olympic event. Broadcasts of Olympic Material shall terminate not later than forty-eight (48) hours after the earliest time at which broadcasts of such Olympic Material by the non-Rights Holder may begin.

And lots more to go, before you actually get cracking on the swash-buckling snowy adventures.