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Sunday, October 08, 2006


As is always the case, after a week long break, its the inbox that splits @ its seams. I have just discovered that I am no longer receiving any emails as "YOUR MAILBOX IS OVER ITS SIZE LIMIT". There are many emails, I don't even want to set my sight on. Some are telling me how to get rich with other people's money - the great big African spam if you recall, some are inviting me for the grand Diwali sales, imagining I have already won the riches. As you can guess, the delete button is not in moments of pause, though when I come across mails like these, I smile and head to the blog.... Yes, yes, yes, thanks all for asking the Ubud posts are in progress. I have tons of footage, over 100 writers, exciting panels and a whole lot more to tell you about, in the interim I think Fredric Fanthome has the makings of a writer. I say this, not coz he has nice stuff to say about my blog. You read, you decide.....
Comments in bold italics are mine....

Hi Deepika,

Before I get on to 'business', just wanted to let you know I was reading your blog the other day, and it sure grabs one by the eyeballs...(Pity I only have 2000 hits since the blog counter started) Quite educational too - I never knew Groucho Marx was one of the literati..... (we live, we learn)

Your interview of Shashi Tharoor was quite a coup, wasn't it? You really must have charmed his socks off! (Not entirely sure about that, though I must have got full marks for being persistent!) Enjoyed reading it (I did too!)- and the pieces on the other publishers.... Not sure I'm the one to pen a love story set in Malaysia, but I'm beginning to realise where I should come for publishing directions when I am finally able to put pen to paper.

Yup, Fredric, Toby Eady is a phone call away!