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Monday, November 13, 2006


We all know the iconic Penguin. Some of us have grown up with it. Others have grown to love them. Still others love them for the vibrant charm they inject to the staid old bookshelves. These charming little Penguins have gone from fat to slim, have re-created the worlds that have passed us by and still maintained their literary charm.

That's partly why I'm seriously recommending this warehouse sale that is heading your way on Friday, the 17th.

Book mark the details. I wouldn't miss in the world, suggest you don't too. Though the trick to getting the best books under the roof is to be there bright and early with the strongest of shopping bags in tow, unless of course, your man Friday is in a mood to lend his steely shoulders.

So get whatever needs to be packed and hurry on down to:
The Singapore Expo, Hall 6-B
From: 10am-10pm
17th November-19th November

Happy reading once you recover from the shopping.