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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


This post isn't to confound the confusion. After all, I've lived through my share of identity crises. Remember what happened with Sandy Gandhi at Byron Bay. Here's a post to recollect the moments in case you've forgotten

Though of late, the identity crisis, has been with my best pal Tripta. Since half of you already know this - we share the same birthday, yes, we await your greetings on the 29th of November. Should you decide to give us gifts - books are welcome. We both like reading Indian writing in English. There is no prize for guessing who is younger. We both work in TV, albiet for channels that can be fairly typically described as being as different as chalk and cheese. One of us happens to be a purported writer of sorts, the other can effectively market channels to the world.

One of us has been described as that 'babe from TV', the one who brought that rocking Zee Nite to town. I should have graciously accepted that the other night, but the wine hadn't quite taken its toll and I gingerly told the lady spouting the gushing compliments that "I am actually the other Tripta - the one who writes the news."

I saw the smile crumble to ashes - Ouch! Yes, often even the best compliments dished out to the wrong person have that impact on people. Then the apologies "I am so sorry, I thought you were the Zee girl."
"You shouldn't be," I said, "Tripta will be here in just a while and you can repeat all these wonderful things to her again."

Compliments aside, more often than not, we receive each other's mails, invites, even some brickbats. At official functions, we end up clarifying our names and our channels and then are promptly referred to as 'the other one'. Not that we mind - oh well, at least I don't - but the confusion is making us seriously consider the need for placards specifying our names and respective channels.

Though an easier way would be showing you this shot. I - Deepika Shetty am on your right, the more famous face - Tripta Singh of Zee TV fame is on the left.

If you still haven't got that sorted out, remember the one with the braces is the TV Producer - Deepika, the 'babe' is Tripta. Hope that helps. Happy face recognition when you see us next. You can still get it wrong, you know. It's perfectly fine by me.