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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I haven't had my extra strong dose of caffeine and I'm already awake. There has to be a really good reason for it. It happens to be something my most Easterly Australian connection sent me a couple of minutes ago. Stand-up comic, columnist and the laugh a minute Sandy Gandhi had mentioned this to me in passing at Bryon Bay, though nothing beats the spirit of this piece. It appears in Australia's Northern Star on Thursday, though I thought a sneak preview in another part of the world wouldn't hurt. Enjoy....

The Look Alike Club by Sandy Gandhi
Enlighten Up No. 23 (24 August 2006.)

Being a local performer, I should have been recognised by the locals at the opening night ceremony of the Byron Bay Writers Festival, but being recognised by the ‘out of towners’, and ‘international literatti’ was flattering indeed.

A certain literary agent for Asian writers was looking forward to her sessions with me and wanted me to meet the 2 participating male Asian writers, Sri Lankan, Nury Vittachi and Bangladeshi, Adib Khan – these were my ‘brothers’ after all.

This adulating recognition continued for the next three days, V.I. P. treatment at it’s finest. I was ushered through waiting crowds, no need to check my credentials, I was an Indian literary wonder.

Everyone was so attentive and helpful with unending caring questions. How are you today, enjoying Byron Bay? Your kids are gorgeous, so well mannered and friendly, how old are they? Is there anything we can get you? Loved your session yesterday, Asian literature is my favourite. Isn’t your husband marvellous? He’s so good with the children.

For 4 days, I was Deepika Shetty, a beautiful, talented, Indian journalist & television producer from Singapore.

As long as the festival invites one Indian woman every year, I shouldn’t ever have to buy a ticket. I was not a participant this year. I have no children, well-behaved or otherwise. I’ve had a few husbands but none of them were mine!