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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I am so in the mood for Bollywood these days. Part of the reason is Aneesha's exams which inevitably have me stressed - yet again. So when we took the playground break this weekend, I finally decided to treat myself to the long overdue Krrish.

Given that it had been so roundly panned, I'd been dreading this day. You know sinking to the realms of watching Krrish that is. In fact, I was expecting it to be so bad, that I was actually surprised by its slick production.

For one, it was surreal seeing so many of Singapore's best offerings portrayed in such a unique light. Thugs at Changi Airport - now that's about as imaginable as a red carpet welcome for all at Mumbai airport. Then those eve teasers on motorbikes surfacing somewhere in Suntec City, the zoo being turned into ideal ground for a PTC. The best of course was saved for our finest performance studio - The Esplanade. Who knew what evil powers it could unleash till Naseerudin Shah showed us all.

Notwithstanding those surreal sights, the jumping on and off trees, climbing mountains, it turned out to be 3 hours of total time pass. I found myself laughing at Rekha's manicured finger nails, even in the prime of her life, as the movie would have us believe. I enjoyed watching how she painstakingly poured those heaped spoons of 'Tide' while Hrithik convinced the young ones to drink 'Bournvita'. Don't know if anyone is counting, though I reckon sales of 'Tide' and 'Bournvita' have surpassed those of Superman's bodysuit globally.

Beyond that I can just about visualise that leap of faith from Lau Pa Sat's Clock Tower. I am certain the India arrivals are still being monitored and if it hasn't already Krrish will definitely do for Singapore what Salaam Namaste did for Melbourne. Now, that's what I call the true power of Bollywood. Never mind the plot!