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Monday, August 21, 2006


Can't believe it's time for Ubud again!

It all seems like yesterday once more. Don't know if Janet, Karen and Finley would share that sentiment. I've seen them work throughout the year to string it all together. Sponsors coming in, sponsors walking out, writers agreeing to make an appearance, writers settling for other lucrative festivals.... whoever said it was easy putting a festival together!

Despite all the ups and downs, that Janet has promised to spill together with other festival directors - Jill Eddington from Byron Bay and Nury Vittachi from Hong Kong over a bubbly - a stunning line-up is ready and rolling for Ubud.

The action kicks off on the 29th of September with another great opening. Then all things literary take over. And what a line-up it is!

The stars are there - Anita Desai, Madhur Jaffrey, Shauna Singh Baldwin, William Dalrymple and Ziauddin Sardar among a host of others.

Team Ubud is promising a magic carpet ride of exotic destinations and literary journeys. Expect nothing less.

There are heady days ahead. All the way till October the 3rd.

I've got some exciting panels lined up and in addition to all the other talks and sessions, I am absolutely looking forward to some unforgettable days of engagement with Madhur Jaffrey, Anita Desai, Christopher Kremmer, Eric Campbell, Kunal Basu and Elmo Jayawardena.

Then there is the session on blogs and blogging, where I am pitted with Malaysia's star bloggers - Dina Zaman and Sharon Bakar.

Well, I'm already thinking October and what else could I be thinking about? UBUD.

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