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Monday, December 18, 2006


Says TIME magazine and I hate to disagree.

The magazine which has been giving out its annual 'Person of the Year' award since 1927, selected millions of people this time round. Citing they way blogs and websites like You Tube and My Space have changed the way we perceive virtually everything, TIME tipped its hat to the millions of bloggers, ordinary people and and citizen journalists who re-defined the term 'news' as we've known it.

As Editor Richard Stengel rightly said: "they were a vessel to all the most important stories of the year."

This is not not the first time the magazine shied away from naming an actual person for its "Person of the Year."

In 1966, the 25-and-under Generation was cited; in 1975, American Women were named; and in 1982, it was The Computer.

Read more about it here:,9171,1569514,00.html

For the longlist and who made it through the years, head here -