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Sunday, December 03, 2006

DHOOM 2: How to LIKE Say It?

After reports of the upcoming wedding, the ceremonies, the rituals and the reports of Aishwarya Rai having to tie the knot with a tree before an actual wedding with the Abhishek Bachchan, the joke doing the rounds goes:

- The tree and Aishwarya act in a film together. The tree acts better. (what can I say - life's LIKE that only!)

That pretty much sums up Aish's showing in Dhoom 2 (never mind the short skirts and bikini tops). Every time she has to say like, it is with such effort that you wonder didn't even hear this when the shots were being done. One minute, she is this small time con woman Sunehri, the next minute you can hear her spouting English with the pucca clipped accent. As if that weren't painful enough, tough cop Bipasha Basu who makes an appearance as Shonali transforms into the rather forgettable Monali.

I'm not even a Hrithik Roshan fan, but he was the only one who impressed in this sequel that falls flat compared to its predecessor.

In typical Hindi movie style, the action takes you to a robbery in Namibia, where a five-year old non-shooter gifted with a gun, would have done better than the beefcakes, making a go at the King of Cons - 'A'.

Similar scenes repeat themselves throughout the movie. 'A' (Hrithik Roshan) reinvents himself several times including as a rather sad looking Johnny Depp avataar, he saves the dances and proves ACP Jay Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) really shouldn't be asked to shake his leg in the same dance sequence as him.

The action was supposed to be riveting. I went to watch the flick with a bunch of pals and each of us took turns catching a couple of winks watching the deadpan events unfold in an even more brain-dead fashion.

If babes in bikinis mark your kind of movie watching, then go ahead, add to the Dhoom:2's already bursting at its seams revenues, otherwise be sensible and just wait for the VCD.

If I was in the business of popping those popcorns, I'd seriously give it just one.

It's like that bad. Give me Dhoom and John Abraham anyday.

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