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Sunday, March 04, 2007


So we can't afford a Raza, though there's nothing stopping us from getting one for the home. Never mind that the trademark circles have been blocked. It still makes me happy.

Seen here with our budding artist, Aneesha, who has been trying a Raza with her geometry box over the weekend (we shall assess the success a couple of years later) and Harish Nim. We go back a good 8 years though of late Harish and our paths only seem to be crossing at art exhibitions.

Picture courtesy Geeta Kripalani , who put together the fantastic exhibition.

And for those of you had questions about the 'I'd like some more of that' finger food, if it's that good, it's got to have some connection with Urvashi Sood. This time it was from Samarkand.

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