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Thursday, April 26, 2007


Yes, your appetite was whetted, as was mine.

You wanted to know what 'Charmed' was all about. No, it wasn't a book launch. Seriously, you weren't wishing that, were you?

It was an invite for the Singapore Women's Weekly 2007 Lingerie Awards. My first. Sure, I was curious about the hot bodies, the garments or lack thereof, the ensuing comments. There was all of that and a whole lot more.

No, pictures aren't going to do the talking. I'm not going to behave like Amitabh Bachchan's camera phone happy neighbour. Head to the news stands or reach the publishers if you'd like to see it all.

Tara Barker, the energetic Editor-in-Chief of the magazine kicked things off, with her speech:
"Since this is about lingerie, I'll be brief."

Brief, she sure was, paving the way for a musical extravaganza complete with lingerie to set the mood for the night. Full marks to the models who carried it off with elan. It takes guts to strut that stuff. More than the skimpy outfits, it takes a lot to keep a straight face as the audience gets carried away.

I almost tripped on my heels and spilt my wine, when an eager hand went up and a female voice boomed to the male model in his boxer glory:
"What would he do if I touched him?"

Hoping to make a gracious exit, without our arms being mistaken for some other, ended up in front of a couple in the middle of a spat.

Angry female to male pal: "What's with you? Are you ...?"

Didn't they say briefs make for good tales?