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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


It's a Friday night.

There are several competing events. A book launch at the Istana, the opening night of the Singapore Arts Festival and the opening of the Muse Bar at the National Museum. I've only listed three of the biggies of the night. Not to mention, yet again, Friday night - the interlude between the end of one work week, the beginning of yet another.

There is also an evening of poetry, music and lyrics at the Arts House, Play Den. It's internationally renowned poet and musician Ray McNeice in action. I've missed several of Chris Mooney's events recently and I have made a silent vow to make it for this one. Never mind, the packed sked. Some things never change.

I'm running late, I attempt buzzing Chris. No response. Superb. It can only mean the party is still on. I land right smack in the middle of the baseball game being recreated superbly by the sporting audience.

But it is the narrator who is in control. The den is packed. At least 100 people listening to poetry. Really? "Is this what poetry has become?" my pal who has accompanied me questions in sheer disbelief. "It's so cool."

You bet. Cool it undeniably is and that is manifested by the audience that Ray has drawn. School kids rubbing shoulders with oldie goldies, mums with kids, dads with kids, artists, writers, playwrights, actors - you've got them all.

Ray's worked the crowd superbly to show how poetry can spin a game and a whole lot more. Then he's got the guitar out, a ballad is in the works followed by some funky beats. If it weren't for the seats, the venue would have definitely looked like a dance floor. I can feel the feet behind me tapping away. It's a perfect start for a Friday night. No one wants it to be over, there's that look on every one's faces. Broad smiles, relaxed body lingo - the work week forgotten.

And all it took was superb lyrics like these:

" there is
nothing between
breath and truth
set free..."

Poetry's back - slowly but surely.

Time to dust off those poetry jackets and catch Ray in action. It's The Head to Head Haiku Death Slam from Monday 11th June-Thursday 14th June at the Esplanade Concourse. It all starts at 7.30pm. For more head to Word Forward and say Hi to Chris and Savinder along the way.

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