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Thursday, May 17, 2007


This is as good a time as any to journey on with my good pals Misha and Andy.

We met, no prizes for guessing, thanks to the first 'New Zealand, New Thinking Festival.' It was an amazing connect, Misha was superbly organised, we worked together on a couple of interviews. I messed up a 'thank you for your support' lunch by showing up in jeans, but she was totally chilled out about the walk in the sun.

"No, you are not getting into that skirt," she told me, almost sensing my disdain for short skirts.

Needless to say, we've been friends since. Misha has hosted some of the most memorable parties - BBQ's, Oscar guessing champagne party, sit down dinners or just one of those come on let's head out for a cuppa coffee - she's made me feel perfectly at home even when we're meeting outside.

In the time we've had together, we've journeyed through some of her and her husband Andy's spirited plans. It all started with a card. I still have it on my book shelf.

Then we got a first peek of a branding exercise. Several designs pulled out over one of her lovely dinner parties and you had your pick your favourites. Things didn't quite stop at "I like this one." You had to explain why.

It was a split house but the discussion was important because it would define whether or not you would be able to spot the tipple when it finally hit the shelves.

Splitting their time between Singapore and New Zealand, Andy and Misha have been busy with their vineyard. It all started with an idea. Having seen the first pictures of the land on their hands, it was hard to imagine it would evolve into the beauty it is today.

It sits near Lake Dunstan, offering superb views and depending on the time of the day reflections in the lake too.

They have just finished their first trial harvest. Misha tells me a lot more work lies ahead. By October, 65 acres will be under vine. I wait, like so many others, to uncork my first bottle of Misha's to sip the heady taste of success.

I'm sure soon enough Misha will unravel more fantastic plans for the vineyard. I can already visualise several things though if I may, I'm going to suggest a 'Wine Stay.' I can already find myself drinking to that thought as I step into another world with these cheery pictures......

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