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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


The first time I saw her picture, I was taken aback by her disarming smile.

She looked so familiar. I spent a couple of days trying to place her after reading this post.

Then Mehadi, a friend and former India Today colleague emailed to say Sheela Bhatt had lost her daughter. We had both worked briefly with Sheela. We had both heard about her daughter. That was when it all sunk in.

Shakti had Sheela's smile. Something about that radiance spoke of her energy. I hadn't met Shakti, whose life was unfortunately cut short. Life doesn't reason, does it?

I lost my Mum in 1981. I have heard the remembrances, I have lived through the sympathy, I have fought my tears, I still feel my world coming apart every February the 8th, my heart still knots up. Nothing in the world can change that.....

I know words are never enough, but at least they are a bridge to comfort those who survive.

So for everyone who put this together for Shakti, my heart felt thank you.

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