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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Blogger rock. Didn't we always know that?

What about rocking the media and the United Nations?

One blogger has been there and done that. As a report in The New York Times tells us, 43 year old Matthew Lee asked "as many questions in 20 minutes as the other correspondents combined." And this was at a daily press briefing.

No, he wasn't always asking the tough questions or the ones that would detract us from the real issues of our times. He was asking questions that put issues in perspective. Perhaps his blogging credentials helped. Lee runs the blog and is the only blogger with full UN media credentials.

It comes as no surprise because Lee clearly states:
"I know my place; it’s a supplement, it’s a sidebar on issues that everyone else cares about."

While that may be the case, this is one story that holds the enormous promise of hope for all you bloggers out there.

Never give up as they say. Sometimes it may be tough, but times they are always a-changing. Your words matter and like Lee you too can choose to devote your time and space to "issues often overlooked by larger media."

A brilliant story, if ever there was one, read it all here.

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