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Friday, April 27, 2007


Another poet who makes me want to reach out for my Milton, Keats, Wordsworth, is Jacob Sam La Rose.

Poet, writer, playwright, educator, photographer, blogger, he claims he is a typical Gemini and "is over the place."

A former Poet-in-Residence at the BBC London, he is currently a touring writer with the British Council, time for you to check out his schedule in your region.

As part of his travel, he teaches creative writing internationally. In addition to giving performances, penning poetry, writing plays, he is encouraging a new generation of poets around the world to embrace the form.

After all, "poetry is the music of language," he tells us before urging you to take the Editor in your brain away and simply "create."

Beyond poetry, does he ever find it tough to connect with his different loves. Jacob responds, "I find I'm sleeping less, but when you love something, when you love doing things, you find the time to make these things happen."