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Monday, June 11, 2007


Next month.

Haven't decided?

Then Bryon Bay may hold the promise of a stimulating holiday.

Yes, the Writers Festival is back with even more names and rib tickling titles. Among other things I'll learn how not to be a part of the furniture when I Chair the next panel. Another theme is close my heart is Home and Away. Blogging as well.

There will be several old friends - Janet de Neefe, Nury Vittachi, Shalini Akhil, Eric Campbell - it's almost sounding like Ubud once more and the promise of new friendships.

There's a Writers Retreat, Poetry Prizes, book launches, literary lunches. Take your pick.

While you are it, don't forget your winter wear. I wore six layers of whatever I'd taken last year (which wasn't much), held coffee for comfort as the wind blew over, under and within the marquees. I lived to tell the tale, my general state of frostiness notwithstanding, but that chill is something I wouldn't wish upon myself again. Nor would you, I'm sure.

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