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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


You've only just got back. You shouldn't even think of packing your bags. Perish the thought, the inner voice tells you. You refuse to hear it. You are in another world, where voices of another kind speak. It's the colourful world of Maryam's Marrakesh. Doesn't it want you to pull out the bags you've barely shelved?

If packing bags isn't your kind of thing. Sit back, book in hand, travel to worlds imagined and beyond with who else but Lotus Reads. The pictures are speaking as much as the text, see some clever ones of Lotus and her eyes.

To know what you missed in the literary world while you were away, look no further than Sharon's Bibliobibuli. Lots of great stuff there, as always.

Jabberwock's making me almost nostalgic about the yen for zen or was it the zen for yen in the Indian media. At one point, my critical eye roved so much that my aunt was threatening to ban the papers.

Dreamink takes me to several places, including Asra Q Nomani's superb piece on the movie 'The Mighty Heart.'

Almost feels like I've never been away. Where would I be, if not for the blogs?