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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


One post, 1130 comments and counting.

Does it happen often enough?

Yes, if you are one of Bollywood's most sought after actors. Aamir Khan is one of them, he's got a blog, where he writes about several things including his latest project - Ghajini. I like the stuff. Straight from the heart.

Several admissions as well:
As you can see the paragraph problem has been solved, so no more going squint eyed.

Thanks a ton for the imputs on casting and title, some of them are really interesting and I've passed them on to the director.

Guys, Mira, its MEMENTO not MOMENTO!!! Relax just kidding, I know I need to do a spell check but I'm really lazy and at 3am I'm not at my best.

Hi Guys, this is Aamir. Its been 6 years since LAGAAN released in theatres across the world, and while the DVD has been released all over, in India it has only just come out. Reason?
Head here to find out....
In a day and age when DVDs release within weeks of the theatrical release do you'll think people will be interested in LAGAAN?

Go add to his comments to tell him what you think.

I exit, because you imagine I do. Film maker Shekhar Kapur believes in that.

Since my primary focus is as a story teller and communicator, I would like to share stories, ideas and films that I am dreaming about. Some of them will get made, and some will remain dreams. But then who said that dreams were not valid on their own?

Dream a little dream, then head on to read his posts here.

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