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Friday, September 14, 2007


You might have missed this and this, unless its another compelling reason, I wouldn't recommend missing this, rather another year of the Ubud Readers and Writers Festival.

If you've been a regular, you already know what to expect. If you're still toying with the idea of getting there, these are the writers you could meet or the events you could attend. If your kids are on your mind (mine are), there's enough to keep them busy every day of the fest.

Writers in waiting look out for the launch of The New Writing Partnership (Asia Pacific) - a huge project that has the literary and creative might of people you definitely want to know. There's Christopher Merrill, Director of the famous writing programme at the University of Iowa, US, Jon Cook of East Anglia U in the UK, Robert Dixon, Chair of Australian Literature at the University of Sydney, Nury Vittachi, writer, humorist, columnist and Editor of Asia Literary Review. Jane Camens, a former journalist, who co-founded Hong Kong’s international literary festival with writer Shirley Geok-Lin and Nury has worked very hard at this and I'm sure will be delighted to see you at the official launch of the Partnership on Thursday, 27th September at Indus Restaurant.

The spectacular Indus, is the setting of several festival sessions. It's stunning backdrop, magnificent arches and the seats are inspiration enough. The Balinese paella is to die for as is the absolutely sinful brownie with ice-cream.

It's also the place where you are most likely to sit Festival Director Janet de Neefe, Finley and Karen for a chat or ask your favourite writers out for a cup of coffee or something stronger if you wish.

If you still haven't made up your mind, let me tell you tickets out of Singapore are a bit hard to get. After weeks of waiting, I opted for JetStar and if you think any longer, you might not even be that lucky. Time to stop thinking and get going. Sekala-Niskala it shall be - the seen and the unseen.

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