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Sunday, October 07, 2007


Something to Say with Nury Vittachi, Shashi Tharoor, Made Wijaya and Julia Suryakasuma.

Yes, yes, yes - I know all you want is my word on this and you shall get it, if you'll be patient a tad longer.

Yes, I have all the pictures thanks to Temple.

The South China Morning Post report (October 4th, 2007) claims "even the moderator was laughing loudly." Really? Trouble is the said sequence of events and the pictures to go with the report are a little messed up. The amorous act didn't happen till the end of the entire discussion. What happened initially was an attempt to urge Made to stop, followed by Nury's loud snoring, which had no impact as well and then Nury getting up to kiss and hug Julia. Made only stopped when he finished what he intended to read.

And then the discussion was right on track.

The said action - the picture of which you've already seen and which I shall post again lest you missed it occurred at the end when Nury said "Shall we finish what we started?"

Before one could figure out what was happening, books had been thrown off the table, pages were strewn, Julia was on the Left Bank coffee table.

At the closing party, it was a house divided. Some folks loved it, others questioned me "what was going on?"

Since most of the posts have been penned and the judgment passed, I'll bask in the luxury of the last word.

When you have four speakers on a panel and one of them happens to be Shashi Tharoor, you'd definitely end up looking wiser if you answered the question that was put to you. And when you call yourself a "fiery feminist" make sure you end up on top.

Now, for the pictures.....
Made was on his feet before I could even sit down post introductions

Attempting to interrupt sans luck:

Then there was snoring followed by some hugging and the discussion was back on track:

Festival Director Janet de Neefe delivers her speech with grace, poise and style:

Fiery feminist or not, you decide....

One for the record books....

Pictures on this post courtesy Temple Connolly