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Monday, September 24, 2007


I'm excited, elated, ecstatic. Jin Pyn, yes, of The Elephant and the Tree fame has done it. Was blog cruising when I came across this bit of news on Nury's blog.

For those of you who already know Jin Pyn's story, you will know what it means for her and her work to be published in the US by the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency no less.

Jin Pyn is a delightful author, who has not only written an endearing book but made a wonderful film as well. On 16th February this year, her work was featured on Off The Shelf and we've been in touch since.

What struck me then and what strikes me even now is that she never really talks about herself. Despite several firsts to her credit, she uses every platform to focus on the powerful message of conservation.

Who can ever forget the charming voice over:

"Wake up time to tell the story....
Baby Elephant: I'm an elephant and I can count to three...

No, no, not that...
Baby Elephant: Huh, I'm an elephant not a tree...

Not again...
I'm an elephant who loves trees...
Baby Elephant: Ok, I'm awake now...."

Through her book and her short film, she hopes to make us realise that life isn't about ourselves. Part of the proceeds from the book and the film are being channelled into an elephant welfare fund. Little surprise that she's winning over more than just hearts and minds.

Jin Pyn will be at the Ubud Writers Festival, make sure to catch her there.

And don't go anywhere without visiting her website. Making a difference is a mere click away.

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