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Friday, December 21, 2007


"The minute we finish talking, I want you to go buy this book."

It's the stroke of the midnight hour, the Spice Queen has a had a long day. A literary dinner followed by our chat.

"It's a complete book, it's beautiful, it speaks to the heart."

When its getting such rave reviews, who am I to disagree?

"I was doing the audio for this book, I'd keep calling Tahmima, checking the pronounciation, finding a little more about the story each time."

I want to read it, I want to read it now.

"When you read it and if you ever speak to her can you tell her Madhur Jaffrey recommended it."

The next morning I was at Borders. I found four copies of the book tucked on the top most shelf, fiction under 'A'. A bout of conjunctivitis couldn't get me to put the book down. I cried through my infected eyes, I want you to know about Rehana. I want you to know more about what happened in Bangladesh. I'd like you to do it now. Here's one of many reasons why:

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