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Monday, July 17, 2006


Opened my hotmail to find this:
"Dear Parent,
I wish to discuss regarding Dhruv's performance and in this regard may I request
you kindly to meet me in person on Wednesday the 12th July between 1.30 pm to 4 pm."

Boy, do I have several issues with this (never mind the English!):
a) I have a name and for the kind of money we end up paying for pre-school, it would be really really nice if the teacher remembered what it was!
b) We had a parent-teacher meeting about a month ago and Dhruv passed with a glowing report - apart from that 'pencil grip' thing.
c) If it is about his performance - you wouldn't be calling me anyway would you?
d) What is the unmentionable he committed that you can't mention in the mail or even in a phone call?
e) Why do you assume that every parent would be just sitting at home, rushing to make it for the said appointment, which in this instance has been set like a day from now. Life is about OPTIONS.
f) And if it has nothing to do with his studies, can we please skip this. At the last parent teacher meeting, one particular teacher in question went on and on about my daughter's hair, how it really irritated her, how I should blow dry it, pin it, clip it, how her hair got into the teacher's way - but I'm not about to start on that...

Right now, I'm just gonna fret, fume and spew over till I can make that next phone call to find out WHY?