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Friday, September 08, 2006


This bit makes a great start to my weekend. After months or was it years of harking about the potential of Asian literature - yes the made in Asia types - Picador Asia has made a long overdue arrival on a shore near us.

Indeed, Asia's literary scene is set to turn a new page. Picador Asia, backed by its parent company Pan Macmillan aims to be the global voice for Asian writers.

On a mission is its Managing Director Daniel Watts who after Fan's launch is on the look out for Asian writers who can be published in Asia and marketed internationally. A chat with him at the launch and after the studio interview proved how serious he is about the work that lies ahead. It is uncharted territory, but that's where Daniel best swims. He has been lauded with the success of Picador India. I tried studying his bag which appeared to be packed with more than just a manuscript - might even have had a contract or two.

Together with Toby, he is darn serious about the region and he has cast his eyes not just on China but also on Japan, Korea and Indonesia. Singapore is not too far behind. And they are even looking at works that can be translated.

All of which makes fantastic news for some authors writing in Japanese, Bahasa or Korean for that matter. If you already are, keep at it, because if you are good enough there is a publisher near you.

In Hong Kong, if you must know.