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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


It's often been alleged that critics don't read enough. Or that they mis-read almost everything about the book, including its title.

Hisham Matar's 'In The Country of Men' has emerged as one of the hottest books of the year.

Though a review in The Statesman had this to say:
"Who would publish a book about the troubles of a Libyan child when, in the eyes of the western media, the whole country is reduced to the delusions of Gaddafi."

Nothing beats this one from Times Online though, which of all things got the title wrong:,,23109-2268797,00.html
A child's-eye view of terror
Review by Celia Brayfield
"It is no surprise to learn that before its publication, 'In The Company of Men' has been hailed internationally as one of the most brilliant literary debuts of recent years."

PS: I'm half way through the book, watch this space for the full review.