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Friday, August 25, 2006


The race for the Booker is on....
So far, Sarah Waters, Peter Carey and David Mitchell are the bookmakers hottest picks.

With the short list due out on 14th September, the fun has only just begun. I'm rooting for Mitchell's 'Black Swan Green' over Carey's 'Theft: A Love Story'. Look out for my samurai suit, if Mitchell is not on the shortlist at least.

Though there is also Claire Messud's 'The Emperor's Children'. The story revolves around three friends who meet at University with starry eyed visions of changing the world. Aged 30, they find themselves struggling in their writing and journalism careers. The year is 2001 and by the time September comes around, they find themselves in situations they could never have predicted.

It's just the kind of book, you wish would never leave your shelf. It's not going to live mine for sometime at least.

Vying for attention next, is the enormously tempting 'In The Country of Men' by Hisham Matar. Have also got a copy of Kiran Desai's 'The Inheritance of Loss'. Somewhere in between I just have to fit in Marisha Pessl's 'Special Topics in Calamity Physics' which has been flying off the shelf with just the traditional word of mouth.

The weekend's finally here and as you can see I'm fully 'Booked'.