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Monday, September 11, 2006


It was a sight straight out of the movies. Five years ago on this day, the twin towers had crumbled. The war on terror in present avataar had begun. Shock, horror, speeches, policies. Five years on, how much has really changed?

In less than two hours, President George W Bush will again urge Americans to stand united in the war against terror. There will be a call to put differences aside, to help establish democracy in countries like Iraq. And the part that we have heard so many times before that "the war is not over."

This will also be Bush's fifth televised prime-time address to the United States from his Oval Office at the White House. The first was on the night of the attacks by al-Qaeda militants who used hijacked airliners as guided missiles to strike the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

September 11th changed the lives of millions forever. Trouble is there appears to be no closure in sight. Five years on, we are still talking about a civilizational clash, but failing to look at ways to bridge the perceived clashes.