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Sunday, October 08, 2006


Now, this one is entirely charming. For those of us in the business of news, handing out name cards is like first nature. This meeting took place at a pal's birthday bash. After mixing my wine and vodka, I had lost my voice and had retreated to a corner, hoping no one would speak to me. Along came Jo, who possibly took pity on me for sitting alone. She started her story, it's an amazing one. Like most back packers she's been to all the absurd places, she had me laughing with my dry as sandpaper throat. She found her calling in Banda Aceh, that impressed me even more. I don't think I mentioned going to Banda Aceh, though I perhaps would have mentioned it would be great to stay in touch as there were so many story possibilities. Reckon, Jo's state of alertness was as good as mine in that twilight hour, coz this is what I received..... a lesson indeed to hang on tight to my name card when meeting someone in a bar....though I am sorely tempted to try out that Indian restaurant Jo mentions...

Hi there!

How are you? I just found your business card in my wallet the other day. My name is Jo. I met you at a bar in Singapore a couple of Saturday nights ago. Im Blair's friend from Australia and am currently working in Banda Aceh.

To be honest, I cant really remember why you gave me your business card. Im not sure if you were thinking of coming to Banda Aceh and doing a story about community development post tsunami. I just wanted to let you know that you are more than welcome to come anytime, and Im sure AUSTCARE would be happy to show you their projects. Plus a new Indian restaurant just went up in town. I think its really tasty, but it could be cause Ive been deprived from any food that isnt Indonesian!! I would be interested to know your expert opinion.

Anyway, let me know if ever you head this way. Was really nice to meet you.

Jo Hobbs