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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The Man Asian Literary Prize has lived through its share of controversy. When the award was announced, Nury Vittachi rightly questioned the decision. This morning while researching an interview for Off The Shelf, I came across this story that I'd run way back in 2005, September 23rd to be precise:

The Penguin Group has purchased the English-language rights to China's best-selling novel, 'The Wolf Totem,' for a record US$100,000.

First-time author Jiang Rong's 2004 Chinese-language novel life on the Mongolian grasslands will be published in English in 2007. 'The Wolf Totem,' has already sold more than 1 million copies and topped best-seller lists for months.

Apart from critics, the meticulously researched, semi-autobiographical tale has been widely hailed by Chinese businessmen as well. They see in its accounts of the wolf pack's hunting, stalking and killing, a metaphor for survival and success in the corporate world.

A million and counting, you can carry on counting the number of times Nury's been right.

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