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Saturday, January 12, 2008


There's always a reason, isn't it? For that prolonged period of absence. That moment when you've been missed. The thought of which of resonates, when they ask you for your reading lists. It should have been in 2007, 2008 it shall be.

I've had my reasons.

It started with attempting to trying out if I could without it - the blog that is. It was hard, I've got to say. I went all these days without blogging, without looking at other blogs, taking time to watch the sun rise, the sun set, take long walks in the parks. I can tell you about all of them.

Starting with the one at East Coast. Cramped I'd say. And what's with folks who fail to read those signs. Foot soldiers walk right into skaters and cyclists. But then it scores by the very presence of those shops that provide the skates and the cycles. The West Coast Park gets my vote. It's smaller, I agree. But those things for the kids, are the kind of thing every Mum needs. And they do their Cappuccino right at the McCafe. I should know, I've been drinking it through the mornings, noon, even nights. Yes, that would roughly add upto the number of times I've been there.

The kids and I have done the long walks, put the sand toys to great use, cycled, walked, played and done the things we'd all like to do all the time.

The reality is no holiday can last forever. They are back in school, I'm back at work, its time to say rise and shine to the blogosphere and beyond. Hello there, hope 2008 is turning out to be the way you imagined it to be.

I'll be packing my bags soon, before I disappear again, you'll have that list you asked for in 2007 and a little, little more. If only, you'll bear with me, it will take a bit.