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Sunday, October 08, 2006


People like Libby Southwell happen once in a lifetime! I bumped into her as I was lugging my weary bones, along with my camera, tripod, notes and books after Day One of the Ubud Writers Festival. I bumped into the fresh as a peach Libby at the cosy little cafe at the entrance of the Honeymoon Guesthouse. She mentioned the Literary Festival she is putting together - the first of its kind in Sri Lanka, then the book she has just published, then the story of her life unravelled. Five minutes into the conversation, I knew I had to interview her. So we headed off for the best carved window at Honeymoon to get the interview rolling. Libby was fantastic talking to my camera, her book ('Monsoon Rains & Icicle Drops') that I am now reading is moving. I've been shedding tears for Libby and Justin and still wondering how Libby stays so upbeat. That's in addition to wondering how she ended up with three of my name cards....

Dear Deepika,
How lovely it was to meet you, Bala and Anisha and Druv - the naked one – (since half of Ubud already knows this tale, I'll do a separate post on it) Just Wonderful!

Now back in Lanka and very happy to be home after a month on the road I am clearing the desk of a back log of work.

I just wanted to send you a release on our festival so that you had a little bit more information. Also so that you can put the dates in your diary as it would be great to have you hear as a moderator. The next few weeks will be key for us finding funding…so fingers and toes crossed our lankan friends are keen.

Enjoy your Sunday and again wonderful to meet you.
I look forward to many great times together both on a work and social level.

PS. I seem to have misplaced Bala’s card.....yet have 3 of yours. So could you pass me his email address. Thanks.