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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


One moved from Delhi to London and discovered her love for food.

The other moved from Melbourne to Ubud and embraced the spices.

In their own special way, they have served as more than culinary ambassadors. They have brought two different worlds together through the universal language of food. And what better place to get them to share a platform than Singapore.

If I could, I'd be eating my words on Saturday, the 8th of December. But panels, discussions, book launches await. If you can tear yourself from those, don't miss out on the double treat with Madhur Jaffrey who will be in conversation with Janet de Neefe.

Get ready to climb the mango trees, hear all about culinary disasters, fusion-confusion, their books in progress(hush!) and don't leave without asking them how cooking divas stay looking as good as the two of them. It's got to be more than the exercise, you and I occasionally indulge in.

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