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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The experts, even those who'd spelt the demise of the e-book, certainly think so. Newsweek considers it revolutionary enough and features it as its cover story.

Amazon's Kindle gets Steven Levy's nod. And for good reason.

It allows you to change the font size, holds several books in a go, it even allows you to search within a book. Could this be the google of reading?
You bet. The search engines are high powered, you can subscribe to newspapers, even blogs. Its reading at your finger-tip.

Will that ease and the book on a click take away the joy of being lost in a book? The purists certainly think so. That certainly didn't happen when Levy entered the Kindle world.

The video demonstration gives an indication why. It's funky look will hopefully draw young readers to it. Perhaps it will even tempt them away from their gameboys and nintendo. Perhaps one day I'll embrace it too. Deep down I know when that happens I'll miss my paperback as much as my hardback.

A special thanks to David Parrish of Random House who drew me to the whole Kindle story. We'll be discussing this at length in our session on Online Publishing at the Singapore Writers Festival. It's happening on the 7th of December.

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